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The gospel games network
Gospel Games Network: Uplifting the Gospel One Game At A Time!
Gospel Games Network: Uplifting the Gospel One Game At A Time!

Be a Part of a Bible Gaming Community Experience

The Gospel Games Network wants to make sure that you have a fantastic experience learning about the Holy Bible through fun activities and online gaming. You will be guaranteed a positive, enjoyable gaming experience while meeting a collective group of like-minded gamers. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact us at Join our family and play our games at Gospel Games Network!


Play Gospel Games Network’s “What’s My Name: Bible Board Game”

We at Gospel Games Network encourage people to socialize and learn about the ways of the Holy Scriptures through online gaming. Our games will provide a positive social climate and allow you to connect to people.  You will find that our games can provide you an enjoyable experience and are fun for everyone. It initially started out as a game for our family has grown into a popular online Christian game. Gospel Games Network’s mission is to communicate the importance of the Bible through popular, traditional, online community-building game-play and social media interactivity.  Participate in a board game enjoyed by all age groups and at several events. We look forward into seeing you on our online gaming community board.

Learn the Rules of “What’s My Name: Bible Board Game”

Our rules of the game are simple enough. You do not have to worry about over-the-top, complex rules to play the game. It is an easy, accessible board game that allows you to determine which questions you answer with a roll of the dice. With each question you can move forward, encounter challenges, and finally reach the circle of Jesus (name above all names) to win the game. Materials needed for this game include:

  • 12-sided die
  • Some spaces with bonuses and some with consequences
  • Wooden character pieces
  • Roll 12, start over
  • 2-4 players
  • 30 – 60 minute playing time depending on number of players
  • Ages 13 and up ( What's My Name? Junior is in the works.
  • Will be available Spanish and Swahili


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