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What's My Name? - Book Cover

What's My Name? Vignettes of Seventy Incredible Bible Characters



WHAT'S MY NAME? Vignettes of Seventy Incredible Bible Characters

by Karen Hodge

Published by WestBow  PRESS -




Shakespeare wrote “What's in a name? (That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet)!  Juliet proclaims that a name is an artificial and meaningless convention.


Some may believe that names are neutral or insignificant but God knows the power in names. He was very purposeful when naming His people knowing that every time they heard their name, they heard His will and purpose for their life.   (Abram’s name was changed to Abraham for he was destined to be the father of many nations).


Karen Hodge, in “What’s My Name? Vignettes of Seventy Incredible Bible Characters,” has compiled an impressive collection of characters, and takes us on a journey through the personal lives of patriarchs, prophets, kings, queens, wives, lovers, and people with unfamiliar names but who are indeed important to Scriptural history.


Hodge has not only found a unique way to teach Bible history through these incredible individuals and their intertwined lives but challenges you to dig a little deeper into Scripture and discover a thing or two more about each character.


As you explore these Vignettes you'll meet the people profiled and discover their humanity, and perhaps view them ina new light as they left their mark and fulfilled their destines.  Moreover, the significance of each and every name mentioned in the great narrative of the Bible will become abundantly clear.


"Not only will you learn the names and stories of these incredible bible characters, you'll find yourself eagerly anticipating future collections!"


Dr. Natalie Ellington                                                                                                                                        

Author of: Right Choices: Choose the Life You Were Destined to Live                                                      




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