What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game
What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game
Gospel Games Network: Uplifting the Gospel One Game At A Time!
Gospel Games Network: Uplifting the Gospel One Game At A Time!

Play Gospel Games Network’s “What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game”

Do you want to test your knowledge of bible relationships while sharing the experience with other gamers? Then you have come to the right place. Gospel Games Network has developed an assortment of games that you and your friends can play while learning the life lessons of the Holy Scriptures. Our network connects people who have a desire to have fun and enjoy bible focused games both on and offline. What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game is one of our more popular offline games. Our gamers have had a roaring good time identifying and sharing the biblical relationships through this fast-paced matching game. If you are looking for a fun gaming experience that teaches you how the incredible bible characters relate to one another in the greatest story ever told  then look no further than The Gospel Games Network’s “What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game.”


  • What's My Name? The Bible Match Game is a game played with two special decks of cards (name cards and category cards) on a board with five weighted categories. 
  • The value of each category (1=5 points; 2=10 points; 3=15 points; 4=20 points; 5=25 points) is predetermined - however the names that identify the categories change randomly while in play.
  • Guaranteed fun and learning - challenge and conversation.


Here are the Rules of our Game

The rules of “What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game” are simple enough to master and enjoy.  We guarantee that you will have the time of your life while connecting with others in your circle.

  • Shuffle the name card deck and deal each player five cards.   
  • Shuffle the category cards and place one card on each of the five category boxes.
  • At the start of your turn you must draw one new name card (now you have six cards) 
  • As you lay down your matches you must defend your choices (how is this person related to this category)
  • When you finish making your matches you can replace a category card on board with a new one from the deck.  (Hers's where you can use your strategy to your advantage. 
  • Once the category card is replaced, it is gone from game
  • Your goal is to collect points by matching your name cards with the right categories by using your knowledge of bible relationships to win.
  • The play continues clockwise until one player "goes out" by laying down his last card.
  • Tally your points earned - deduct five points from total for each card NOT discarded.

Join in on the Fun and Play “What’s My Name: The Bible Match Game”

Gospel Games Network can provide you a real test of Bible knowledge that is fun and educational, even more so than Bible study classes. Our games also can help spark discussions about the bible and encourage an introspective look at the Holy Scriptures. You can rest assured knowing that you will have a fun time while meeting like-minded individuals. If you have questions or concerns, be sure to contact us at info@thegospelgamesnetwork.com.

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