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Gospel Games Network: Uplifting the Gospel One Game At A Time!
Gospel Games Network: Uplifting the Gospel One Game At A Time!

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Share loads of fun and laughter with your friends and family by playing this new and exciting, Bible-based, board and card game... but beware! Trials 'N' Tribulations are along the way. Don't despair! Grace, Mercy, and Peace are there to help you Overcome, Move Ahead, and Win! What's My Name? - The Bible Game (TM) A Game of Fun and Learning! (TM)
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So you think you know the Scriptures?

Do you remember all those Bible characters -
all the begats you learned in Bible class?


What's My Name? The Bible Game™ will stir up those memories while creating new ones.

This awesomely fun game will test you and your friends in an exciting and challenging way
about just how good your memory really is! At Gospel Games Network we’re about promoting games with great principles, life lessons and awesome strategies that belong in the clean fun and family oriented environment.


For years we've enjoyed our homemade game “What’s My Name? The Bible Game”™  to encourage in our household a deeper interest in the Scriptures.  We initially started out designing the game for the kids in our family which later grew into reaching the youth groups in our church only to discover that we ended up learning a tremendous amount about notable Bible characters the more we played the games ourselves. We’re a family-run business with a mission to communicate the significance of the Bible through popular, classical, community-building game-play, social media and interactivity.  We didn’t know that this would evolve into a board game enjoyed by all age groups and at so many events, but we're certainly happy it has.

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We’ve been at our drawing board for over 12 years with this game.  Sometimes that feels like a long time but at other times it seems like a blink of an eye.  We are now ready to launch our first Bible-based board game “What’s My Name? The Bible Game“™  as a game of fun and learning.  The Bible is a rich source of knowledge, history, poetry, wisdom, law and leadership. For many, though, it’s not easy to see the relevance to our everyday lives and understand how familiar and relational these Biblical characters  are to us today.  We aim to change all of that and to do so in a way that brings people face to face around this topic for some fun times.  Our staff also wants to decrease any anxiety about Bible study by introducing it through its real characters in a uniquely exciting way.

THE BOARD GAME: “What’s My Name? The Bible Game”™ is a game of fun and learning. It can be played by 2-4 players or teams.  We've even designed a version of the game for solitary play.  The game presents short narratives in the form of questions about characters in the Bible.  Correctly answering the question “What’s My Name?” allows the player to travel along a preset path on the full colored illustrated game board. The goal of which is to conquer the top space and win the game.  The challenge is making it through the pitfalls, trials, tribulations and the like.  Roll the wrong number and you may find yourself in hot water, or worse…right back at the beginning. Although “What’s My Name? The Bible Game”™ may resemble a trivia game …it’s everything but trivial!

OUR MISSION: Share the gospel through games.

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